History .. a classic since 1965

      Slip-ons codenamed "Jarmilky" (God knows why the whole production line was so named - supposedly after the name of President Zápotocký's wife) were first introduced just before the Spartakiad in 1965 and several million (!) pairs of canvas shoes were made for this spectacular event with rubber buckle.Spartakiáda

      Thanks to its simplicity and convenience, the production took hold and the great expansion caused the introduction of jarmilky in various physical education units, exercise classes and, last but not least, kindergartens. Of course, the most popular were among young people and children, who used canvas surfaces to paint pictures.

    The design of the jarmilky shoes remained unchanged until 1985, when a small applique with Czech tricolor was added. After the revolution, production gradually declined, but lately, trainers have once again become indispensable helpers in a number of activities thanks to their simplicity, comfort, favorable price, and their popularity is also rising in the field of fashion and style. They are still used by organizations such as TJ Sokol or various folklore associations, and schools again recommend them as student shoes for physical education classes.

Gotten from: http://geocities.com/jarmilky/