Terms and Conditions

valid since 25.5.2018


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These conditions must be agreed to make a purchase on the cvicky.com portal (hereinafter referred to as the "portal"). The visitor confirms his agreement with these conditions by clicking on the "complete order" button, thus becoming a "customer".

Personal data

The operator of the portal hereby undertakes to comply with the protection of personal data in the sense of preventing access to the completed registration information to third parties (except for use in situations arising from the need to distribute goods). Contact and invoicing data are handled exclusively for the purpose of distribution of the ordered goods. The e-mail address will be used for communication with the customer in case of purchase of goods, or it can be used for marketing purposes of the operator. The user has the right to reject this. It informs the operator at the address info@cvicky.com by e-mail sent from the address to which it does not wish to send promotion. The operator excludes it from the list of addresses receiving these emails.


The portal visitor can place a order in a simple way (by selecting goods, placing them in a cart and completing the order). He can then be contacted by the portal operator regarding the delivery time, the recapitulation of the price and the request for payment. All trade is governed by the relevant laws of the Czech Republic.

Returning goods

If the user buys goods on the cvicky.com portal, by law he has a 14-day period with the possibility of returning the goods without giving a reason. If the customer decides in this way, will notify us by e-mail to info@cvicky.com. As soon as the goods are delivered, a financial amount corresponding to the price of the returned order will be sent immediately by bank transfer of the amount to the account specified by the customer. The cost of returning the goods is paid by the customer. In the event of an exchange of goods, the customer may then be charged for the new shipment of goods. Goods cannot be returned in the case of the purchase of custom-made goods made according to the customer's wishes. Such goods are considered an art object, which is irreversible to its original form, which becomes devalued from the point of view of other customers. These are, for example, goods that are batik, drawn or otherwise modified.

Terms of returning goods

When exercising the option to return goods, the following conditions must be met:
  1. the goods must not show any signs of use or damage
  2. the goods must be complete as delivered to the customer
  3. billing must not be missing
If these conditions are not met, the operator will not be able to accept returning and the goods will be sent back at the customer's expense.

Size and color assortment

The operator reserves the right to offer the customer other goods or cancel the order in case of unavailability of selected variants of goods. In this case, the customer will not be sent a request for payment, or the paid financial amount will be returned by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer.

Deadline for dispatch of goods

The delivery time stated for the availability of goods is only an indication and therefore its time is not binding. In case of delay, the operator informs about this customer by e-mail to the address specified in the order. This can be especially true when ordering goods that are customized for the customer.

Dispute resolution and non-compliance

In case of resolving disputes over the verdict, the valid laws of the Czech Republic decide. In case of non-compliance with the above conditions, the operator of the portal reserves the right to withdraw from the purchase contract or cancel the registration of the user concerned (always with the settlement of funds and explanation of the reason).

Rights and obligations of the customer

The user undertakes not to intentionally damage the portal or to try to do so.